Friday, October 30, 2015

Denmark: Cultural Sensitivity Needed to Understand Muslim Rapists

Multiculturalism is truly the gift that keeps on giving, enriching bland and boring White societies with colorful and vibrant "minority" malfunction. Just think of the amazing food, the strident call to pray to the moon god idol blaring at all hours, the no-go zones, the rape gangs and the endless excuses and cowardice in the face of this uncontested foreign invasion. The pathology of the "women and children" is, naturally, our fault. We must try to reason with the jihadan horde, explain that in White countries "thighing" and child rape is generally frowned upon. This works about as well as you'd expect and the pathetic slide into the third world cesspool continues.

Danish political parties are pushing for the inclusion of sexual education in language courses for immigrants in an effort to reduce the disproportionate number of rapes committed by the demographic, the Local reported.

"All right class, tell me your names."

All fifty bearded and dark-haired men speaking at once: "moe-ham-head."

"Today we're going to learn about not preying on the kuffir. I mean, unless you really need to. I don't want to be intolerant."

The teacher's head is sawed off with a machete.

The course would focus on such topics as the idea that women in revealing clothing and drinking alcohol are not making an invitation to have sex.

It's funny how the same jewish feminists whining about the imaginary "rape culture" among panty-raiding frat boys suddenly have nothing to say about the very real rape culture of the "refugee." The West needs these cultural, genetic and religious aliens like a fish needs a bicycle.

If only we'd tried to tell them it was wrong.

Immigrants and their children were behind over a third of Denmark's rapes in 2013 and 2014, despite making up only around 12 percent of the population.

Even this appalling number is insanely optimistic, considering how many incidents go unreported or are simply buried for fear of being called a name by our jewish enemy. Crumple up that statement and throw it in the trash, try to forget the shattered White woman that begged you for help, tears running down a battered face. Do the right thing, ignore the rot, surrender your soul for a few more days of empty careerism. Watch your country die. At least you're not "xenophobic." 

The idea is based on a similar course in Norway. 

The latest exciting breakthroughs in Scandinavian dhimmitude, ideas too good not to share with their fellow doomed brothers. By pooling our collective suicidal efforts we can all share the same grave.

"We had some problems in Stavanger because some of the refugees had sexually violent episodes with Norwegian girls in the center of the town. So the police, the immigration department and [refugee agency] Hero Norge launched a project to teach refugees about Norwegian behavior," Hero Norge head Linda Hagen told the Local.

Typical Norwegian behavior, assuming you still live in a civilized White nation. Now you know better, I guess.

Denmark's political parties across the spectrum agreed with the idea, telling Danish media that Norway's experiment should be copied.

Today's experiment: Let's swallow cyanide and see what happens.

Hagen stressed the importance of cultural sensitivity on the subject, as many immigrants come from countries where women are not permitted to wear revealing clothing or go out alone.

White women are to blame for mudslime rapes. They should have been more "sensitive" to this dangerous alien culture. Hurry up and die, Western Europe.

"It’s difficult if you come from a country where women never go out. When you see a girl with a short skirt dancing at a party late in the evening, what kind of message will it give you?" Hagen said.

"I'm a guest here and should be respectful to my benefactors," would be my reaction, but I'm White and not some worthless desert animal driven insane by a false religion and their own genetic shortcomings.

The increasing numbers of rapes in Scandinavian countries has also led to new inventions meant to protect women. A group of Swedish teenage girls previously invented and sold a complex "anti-rape belt" to deter attackers while another Swedish woman invented an "anti-rape tampon" with an outward-facing pin at its end

Yeah. How about an "anti-rape Glock" instead? Or even better, "anti-rape deportations." 

At least this proves we're not "races" against "Asians."

Thursday, October 29, 2015

United Kaliphate Hate Campaign

What is the greatest threat to Europe's successful jew-assisted transition from a monolithic, peaceful and bland homeland for Whites into a paradise of teeming mud and islamic detonations? The answer, of course, is White "racism" often expressed via hurting jihadan fists with their faces or thought crime or failure to grovel sufficiently in the face of dispossession and annihilation. Yes, Whites are bad, this is why everyone desperately wants into White countries. And if these special guests, full of hip and cool world beats, spicy food that's so yummy and well deserved hostility toward us kuffirs, should happen to, I don't know, plot terrorism, well, that's probably your fault too.

Mohammed Mohsin Ameen is said to have conducted an eight-month hate campaign on social media.

Typical moe-ham-head behavior. It sure is nice to see all those dull and similar Whites replaced by the exciting "diversity" of a flood of human sewage turned rabid by their desert cult with one first name for all of them.

The 23-year-old, from Dagenham, east London, is accused of using 42 separate Twitter accounts to urge fellow Muslims to pledge allegiance to ISIS.

When your income comes solely from indolence and vice funded by the tax-paying sucker there's plenty of time to serve your moon god on the web. Still, I can't imagine moe had much success. After all, it's a well established fact that the stone cube cult is, for the most part, peaceful, open-minded, respectful to women, unlikely to attack you with a machete, clean, all about consensual intercourse with their own women only (lots of women and children in those invading columns) and certainly not interested in detonating.


Ameen was arrested by Scotland Yard anti-terror detectives on Wednesday October 21 and was charged on Tuesday night with seven offences under the Terrorism Act.

It only took eight months to catch the "immigrant." Compared to the police response to other minor incidents I guess this counts as a success. 

Sporting a long black beard and short black hair, Ameen sat crossed-armed in a grey prison-issue jumper throughout the 10-minute hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court.

I just can't get over the amazing variety of sand person phenotypes we have the pleasure of witnessing. Black hair? Beard? The Religion of  Multifariousness.

Ms Hart explained the current charges relate to "specimen" counts of Twitter activity, as police have yet been able to scrawl through all the messages. 

"Specimen" is right, could there be a more banal example of moe-ham-head-an pathology? 

She added: "This is one of the most serious cases of its kind, and it should therefore be heard at the Central Criminal Court."  

Yeah. One would think. We'll try to fit it in between the case of illegal knife ownership and the case of an unkind glance at a pack of "immigrants."

  Just another day in the United Kaliphate.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Africa Ball Fans are Cuckolds

Incredibly there are Whites who claim to be unplugged from the synagogue who will defend their pathetic negro ball fandom. It's hard to believe, but I've seen it with my own eyes. Ostensibly awake Whites excited about the SEC (Systematically Excluding Caucasians) or the Negro Felon League, starring glassy eyed into the talmudvision, rooting for the missing link between ape and man to score the big "tug." Sure I'm hooting and howling like a fool for genetic aliens that would gladly hack me to pieces with a machete in a "random" attack given the chance, but it's not like there are jews out there playing and Whites could play it too if we'd only toughen up a little and simply overcome the massive systematic discrimination against us at every level of this degenerate child's activity.

 Yes, there really is a Barkevious. And wow, he made some other negro hurry twelve times. What a hero.

The closest equivalent might be a White who watches interracial pornography but is quick to point out that White women should be having sexual intercourse with virile males and besides I'm only looking at the snow hoe portion of this cuck voyeurism and also it's not like it's the jew schtupping the unclean meat. Except when it is. Put money in the pocket of our enemy, debase yourself, passively support your own destruction, then claim to be a White Nationalist. Get your "fantasy" team of coal black animals, worship the alien. Turn off the negro ball, it really isn't that difficult.

Keep staring at the wall, #99.

Watching a failed branch of humanity run into each other and babble incoherently about "tugs" would be bad enough, but of course we have to slip the cultural marxist messages into this shit sandwich. It starts with endless semitic commercials promoting materialism, feminism, personal atomization and kosher spiritual poison, made possible by the countless breaks in the "action" where the dusky super "affletes" huff and puff after three seconds worth of continuous movement. 

If that wasn't enough, sometimes there's actual jewish sermons calling for gun grabbing, more White guilt, "hands up gentle giant" mythologies and whatever other evil is being promoted that week. But I'm a good White man, cheering for the two Whites on the field. Wait, one is creepy-looking mulatto abomination. Guess I'll half-applaud for him.  

Someone get this guy a bra.

What are some good alternatives to negro worship or participating in a thoroughly corrupt jew controlled sport? Obviously, we should be learning to defend ourselves. Join an MMA gym. Get a gun and spend time learning to use it. Combine resistance and endurance training to build yourself up. Organize with like-minded Whites. Turn off the telavivision and throw away the beer with the little "U" on the can. With the collapse of the U.S.S.A. and Europe imminent we don't have the luxury of waiting for some sort of miracle to save us while we stay safely parked in front of the moron box. Win or lose, it's up to you. Restoration of our homelands or a hated minority clinging to your odious jewish diversions in a dead nation. Choose carefully.

When the U.S.S.A. collapses this pitiful loser will be killed and eaten.

As for that Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I'd recommend time with your wife and children. If you don't have that, well, it's time to get to work there, too. Spend some time in nature, go hiking, unplug from the careerism, materialism and satanic evil that permeates our ruined society. Get in touch with our ancestral memories, the White Men that conquered the world around them. It's good for the soul and you're guaranteed not to encounter many "African Americans." The natural world disagrees with their anti-soul, perhaps bringing back unpleasant memories of life in mud huts worthy of a lazy beaver. Get away from the kosher rot and prepare to resist it. You're not going to get clean walking around in a sewer.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When You Don't Wake Up

A short time ago I had the unpleasant task of discussing yet another "isolated incident," one involving an heroic Africa Ball negro and a "random" White victim. This particular bit of memory hole fodder featured a negro that had been worshiped and catered to by Whites for the entire duration of its worthless life selecting the first convenient White target for the sort of savagery formerly reserved for places like South Africa, places where Whites have been reduced to a powerless and hated minority and are ruthlessly preyed upon by genetic aliens. It was a glimpse of the coming dark future, but the full extent of the damage remains to be seen.

The widow of a jogger who was brutally hacked to death by a machete-wielding schizophrenic in a random attack three weeks ago has committed suicide.

Another "random" White target for a negro who we are told had bad wiring in its diminutive frontal lobes. I guess that's enough kosher mitigation, mentioning that this worthless animal was a gentle giant, was turning its life around, was about to go [back] to college and was on its way to grandma's house while spreading the word of Christ before hacking up the first convenient White target might have been a bit excessive. Especially in light of the fact that this bestial crime against its benefactors continues to claim lives.

Forgotten victims in the War on Whites.

At the time, Patti Stevens, 54, told local newspapers she was 'lost' without David, 'the love of her life' and husband of 25 years

The human cost of "diversity" the heavy price that must be paid for the privilege of sharing our living space with moronic and dangerous "African American" failure. 

He was killed by 21-year-old Thomas Johnson, a mentally ill former football player, as he ran along the popular White Rock Creek Trail in Dallas on the morning of October 12.

Did we mention that this brown turd used to run around with a ball and also has been diagnosed as "mentally ill" by Sigmund Fraud the jew psychologist. 

Evolutionary dead end murdered a White man.

Officers forced their way into her garage shortly after 2pm to find the heartbroken widow lying dead on the ground next to her car, whcih still had the engine running.

Please tell me how more needs to be done, how it's our fault that the negro fails, how we need another cultural marxist lecture on race, how Whites are evil. Explain how the endless sacrifice of blood and treasure, an insane policy that has brought out the worst in a failed race, is actually sensible policy. Tell me about the exciting new programs I'll be paying for, appeasement sure to fix the dark monster this time, if you just believe.

A week earlier, Patti told the Dallas Morning News: ‘Dave was the love of my life and I’m lost without him.

Oh well, another isolated incident for the pile, nothing more to see. Hey, there's Africa Ball on the talmudvision and jew pornography on the internet. That will buy your continued apathy in the face of your own destruction, right? 

Can't wait to prep the bull, bro.

It took more than a day before the 53-year-old was identified as the victim through fingerprints.

I'm still waiting for the racial component of this crime to receive even the slightest formal recognition from the dinosaur media.

In a statement reported by WFAA last week, she said: 'This is a horrible, senseless tragedy and we are devastated with the loss of such a wonderful man.

On the other hand, look at that boy run! I don't mind being a free-range negro target as long as "Red" keeps beating "Blue" nearly half the time!

Thomas Johnson, 21, a former Texas A&M star who is diagnosed as a schizophrenic, confessed to the murder to police shortly after it took place.

Let's keep mentioning the mind sickness of this living dog turd, that should fool everyone.

According to an affidavit, Johnson called police that day and confessed to committing ‘capital murder’ – and added: ‘It's like when you don't wake up.'

Yeah. No shit.

 Home of the "man" that sits in the corner and is not allowed to "direct."

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Ever Growing Crisis

There's never going to come a day when the jew decides we've been punished enough and the endless kosher attacks on our homelands, children, culture, religion and history can cease or at least be slightly restrained. More, after all, always needs to be done. Every last White must feel the cruel jagged edges of "diversity," must drink the spiritual hemlock prepared by the Light of the World, must die. Watching Europe go down with little more than a whimper of "I'm not racist" clearly demonstrates what the stakes are. Even expecting to survive as a hated minority in a jew-ruined zoo of a nation is unrealistic. We win our freedom and right to self-determination or we are destroyed. Those are the only choices.

Battling strong winds, driving rain, mud and freezing temperatures, these stunning photographs show a slow trek of thousands of migrants making their way to Europe amid the harsh conditions of the oncoming winter.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of skin will stop this invading army from carrying out its genocidal duties. A Biblical plague is unleashed on Europe. Let my people go, jew.

As one European leader warns the ever growing crisis will see the EU fall apart 'in weeks', tens of thousands of people are continuing to try and reach the Eurozone via the arduous Balkans route.

The spectacular failure of "doing the right thing," the collapse of One World lunacy into every man for himself. Fighting age jihadans flood into the formerly White homelands, eager to rape and kill. Europeans voted for this. We were afraid to be called a name and we didn't want to lose that careerism. Now you die for it.

Foreign army invades Europe.

The column of migrants was filmed from the sky as it weaved through fields in Rigonce, Slovenia, after having passed into the country from Croatia.

You'd think they'd be safe now from "war," but for some reason this two-legged locust swarm presses on toward the parts of Europe where suicidal generosity and denial of reality is the worst. "We want Sweden!"

Tens of thousands of people are trying to reach central and northern Europe via the Balkans, but often have to wait for days in mud and rain at the Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian borders.

Mud people covered in mud, worthless sewage used as a biological weapon against Whites. Just be patient, moe-ham-head, you'll get your welfare and access to blonde women soon enough.

The camp of the saints.

Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia have all now warned they could close their borders if Germany and Austria stop accepting migrants.

No loyalty to your nation or your race, we forsake our common heritage and are cut down piecemeal, maybe we can at least be the last one to fall. Do the dying for us, Germany. If you stop sucking the multiculturalism shotgun we might have to do something. Wax wings melted with the fires of hubris Europe plummets toward the merciless ground below. 

More than 680,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe by sea so far this year from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Wow, that "War in Syria" sure spread far and wide. 

Hungary’s decision to seal its borders left crowds of migrants camping by the side of the road in worsening weather.

This rare display of sanity left moe-ham-head and thousands of other men in their twenties, all with the same first name and basic hostility toward their benefactors, out in the rain. No free stuff, no kuffirs to rape and murder. What a tragedy.

As a result of their new border fencing, migrants switched to Croatia, which also imposed border controls, pushing them into Slovenia.

A game of "hot potato" with worthless islamic scum and assorted brown mysteries.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker highlighted the need for leaders to reach a consensus on the crisis by invoking the plight of migrants as the winter months approach. 

You're not getting out of this suicide pact we've all agreed to.

He insisted that ‘every day counts’, adding: ‘Otherwise, we will soon see families in cold rivers in the Balkans perish miserably.’

Oh no, anything but that. Please don't freeze in a river, Turd Eater. That would break my heart.

With winter looming, Amnesty International on Saturday warned of a humanitarian disaster if migrants are stranded at borders. 

I'm more concerned about the demographic disaster.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Historically Black Behavior at Historically Black College

The communist indoctrination center, or "college" as it was called in saner, Whiter times, has been one of the most successful jewish swindles. It generates massive amounts of student loan debt geld, allows for completely one-sided kosher indoctrination, extends adolescence instead of starting a family and having White children and is even sometimes the site of direct violence against unarmed shkotzim. Study a hard science or learn a trade, White man. A Liberal Arts education in today's world is paying big money for a jewish bowel movement.

It's worthless for Whites, but maybe all this semitic "education" will uplift the negro animal? Or maybe not. At a traditionally black school once called the "Tennessee Normal School for Negroes" another useless crisis occurred, another "open shooter" incident involving the evolutionary dead-end and their traditional behavior. Nothing to see here, go back to your Africa Ball and pornography.

A dispute over a dice game on Tennessee State University’s campus killed one person and left two hospitalized after an unknown gunman opened fire in an outdoor courtyard late Thursday night.

Stereotypes, they don't just spring into existence from nothing. A game of galloping dominoes goes wrong, some niggas shootin' dice so I says let's do dis. A "gunman" ventilates "Negro bodies! Ah! Ah!" Black lives splatter.

Police believe a fight precipitated the shooting. The unknown gunman allegedly killed a 19-year-old man who was not a student, and injured three female 18-year-old students.

Another negro rampage for the memory hole. First blasting the "homeboy" then "busting" on some "ratchets." This predictable and savage behavior isn't even useful for gun grabbing. Too many Whites asking uncomfortable questions, too many Whites waking up. Quick, cook up a story about some pathetic celebrity saying the "N word." 

The land of the fee and the home of the slave.

Two of the students were taken to nearby Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where one was in stable condition on Friday morning, and a second was treated and released.  

A Friday night in Chicago or a school night at the negro college? I'm struggling to see the difference.

The incident is the second around the Nashville campus in a little more than a week to rattle community members. One night prior, police held a community meeting to address safety around campus, after three Tennessee students were shot at an off-campus house party.

You might remember the national headlines, the phony tears from the Kenyan mulatto, the knee-jerk rush to try to legislate the negro into something resembling a human being. Or maybe there was a negro ball game on that night, I don't remember so well these days.

“We do not believe this was an incidence of a random shooter on campus,” Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron told the Tennessean.

Well, this is refreshing. It sounds like we're about to start holding the "African American" responsible for its pathology, have that conversation on race, admit that these evolutionary dead-ends have no place in a White nation and need to be removed.

“This was an isolated incident resulting from a dispute over a dice game. The Nashville police department believes this campus is safe.”

Or just go back to sleep. Just another "isolated incident," the second one in ten days. Everything's fine, the living fossil is clearly getting better, can't you see the progress? Several negroes scored important "tugs" last weekend, for example.

 We be getting dat larn on.

Metro Nashville investigators believe several students filmed the altercation with cellphones before the shooting, and are asking them to turn videos over to the police.

Please give us your footage of Barkevious gunning down the brown instead of posting it on "wurl stah."

Shootings? Sorry, there's Africa Ball on.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Germany Suicide Watch Continues

Whatever the jewish communist wants is the unstoppable tide of history, the long arc toward the slaves promised by the talmud, the inevitable victory that must happen. Any opposition is evil, immoral, doomed to failure, is worthy of being called meaningless words and by the way did I mention that it's [current year] and we can't expect your ideas to work in an era where we have [technology]. It's amazing how many people currently under attack by this kosher program buy into this nonsense. It's a lie, and it's all they have. We are the good guys, and we're going to win. Meanwhile a childless German witch sticks to the jewish script.

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday said the influx of asylum seekers into Germany was part of the fallout from globalisation, which, she noted, had served Germany well in terms of exports and jobs. 

Please ignore the role that special Light of the World played in both destabilizing the Middle East and poisoning the well of White European culture, allowing this unprecedented disaster to occur. It's just more "fallout" from "globalization," whatever that even means. Germanistan lies in its death bed, rapidly succumbing to the radiation sickness of the cultural marxist dirty bomb.

Addressing a congress of the giant IG Metall metalworkers' union in Frankfurt, Merkel said: "Your experience of globalisation has, until now, basically been: our economy goes into other countries, builds factories, sells products and the results are positive for German employment and business."

Muh Economy. The destruction of your people and your nation, the rape of your daughters and murder of your sons, is a small price to pay to make already wealthy bastards slightly more wealthy. Moving factories to foreign shores is good! Just ask any ruling criminal.

 You sold me a product once. That caused this mud flood.

"And now we're witnessing an inverse movement: globalisation is coming to us," the chancellor, who has thrown Germany's doors open to hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the war in Syria, said.

Here comes the diversity, open wide! Man, that "war in Syria" sure spread like wildfire. Now it's in Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh...

Exports from Europe's top economy amount to over 100 billion euros ($113 billion) a month which has been a key driver of its bullish growth.

In other news we're throwing you out of your house to make room for twenty fighting age men all named moe-ham-head.

Mother Merkel and Father jew.

"We must learn to cope with that," Merkel said.

More needs to be done and it's all on you, Whitey. Are you showing enough pitiful appeasement? Have you offered up your daughters? Still have testicles? Get busy, we've got a massive horde of violent cultural and religious aliens pouring over our border and this bull is not going to prep itself.

"We will have to accept a certain degree of legal immigration, that's globalisation... In the era of the smartphone we cannot shut ourselves away... people know full well how we live in Europe."

We have to do it! It's 2015 and we have smartphones! The moose-limb knows how you live and they know how weak and feckless you are. Nations that once stopped a heavily armed Ottoman army now lay down and die for unarmed invaders. 

Selling them smartphones will fix their pathological culture, religion and genetics.

Merkel has come under mounting criticism at home and abroad over her migrant policy but remained firm on the need to show solidarity.
I'll be remembered as the witch that murdered Germany, but it's worth it for a little more unearned luxury.

"For me it goes without saying that we'll get there," she said, while admitting the mass arrivals posed "big challenges" for Germany and Europe.

We'll complete that slouch to the "multi-culturalism" grave, don't you worry. Sweden might beat us, but we'll get there.

Germany is expecting up to a million asylum seekers this year.

The enormity of this crime is difficult to even comprehend.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jew Explains Plan for White Disarmament, Genocide

Our jewish enemy has won victory after victory, achieving societal destruction beyond the wildest dreams of even the most optimistic Frankfurt School communist. The destruction of the family, the sodomite agenda, shrinking White birthrates, foreign invasion, degenerate and poisonous culture, loss of national identity and vision, materialism and nihilism, it seems the goyim has been completely brought down. Well, almost. Whites are still armed and an armed man is not going to stay a slave for long once he becomes aware of the kosher chains.

It's clear this solitary case of sanity defeating semitic madness remains a stone in the shoe of our enemy and it has caused them to become more and more extreme with their propaganda. In the last days of the U.S.S.A. the communist agenda is now presented openly, without a hint of shame or fear from the nation-wreckers. We're going to get your guns Whitey and then we're going to destroy you once and for all. This is the message from the mainstream jewish media.

The recent deadly shooting at an Oregon community college, like so many before it, isn’t likely to lead to new federal laws designed to curb dangerous people’s access to guns. 

Oy, we sure tried, though. We had our schwoogie puppet on the talmudvision before the bodies were even cold, but the shkotzim just won't listen. Another useless crisis.

While this understandably frustrates supporters of gun safety legislation

When "gun control" is not sufficiently Orwellian, here's the new kosher phrase for calling for disarmed and helpless gentiles. It's for your own safety, you unclean meat. Certainly you have nothing to fear from your own criminal government or the rich "diversity" of negro and la-teen-oh garbage. Make yourself defenseless, it will protect you from harm. 2 + 2 = 5.

 This smug jew turd wants dead Whites.

The National Rifle Association’s days of being a political powerhouse may be numbered. Why? The answer is in the numbers.

A conservative group that actually wins, sometimes? What a powerhouse. Fortunately the flood of third world savages who are accustomed to tyranny and can be easily purchased with hand-outs will turn the tide. Introduce dangerous non-White scum. Crime goes up. Gun grab in the name of safety. The jew sets us up and knocks us down. Had enough yet?

Support for, and opposition to, gun control is closely associated with several demographic characteristics, including race, level of education and whether one lives in a city.

White, rural Americans who have never seen the inside of a Communist Indoctrination Center, the most hated and relentlessly attacked minority in today's U.S.S.A. 

More knife control, excuse me "knife safety legislation," needed in United Kaliphate.

The core of the NRA’s support comes from white, rural and relatively less educated voters. This demographic is currently influential in politics but clearly on the wane.

I think you might have gotten them confused with this other group that is currently influential in politics but clearly on the wane as Whites wake up to their destructive and wildly disproportionate influence. They wear little hats on the back of their heads, call other people animals, don't eat pork, stop me if this sounds familiar.  

While the decline of white, rural, less educated Americans is generally well known, less often recognized is what this means for gun legislation.

We all know about White Genocide, but consider the implications for the helpless tan everyman slave promised by the talmud.

Polls show that whites tend to favor gun rights over gun control by a significant margin (57 percent to 40 percent). Yet whites, who comprise 63 percent of the population today, won’t be in the majority for long.

The inevitability of communist victory. I wouldn't start celebrating until you've actually won, jew boy. Trends can reverse themselves quickly and without the protective hand of White traitors the "minority" is nothing. 

Racial minorities are soon to be a majority, and they are the nation’s strongest supporters of strict gun laws.

The constantly tightening time table of White Genocide. From 2050, to 2043, to "soon." Our enemies will not be satisfied until every last White is in the grave, where they'll continue to curse us. We owe these criminals no loyalty. The U.S.S.A. is dead. Our race is our nation.

After the 2012 election, Republican officials said the party needed to do more to appeal to the growing population of racial minorities.

Shortly thereafter the term "cuckservative" entered our vocabulary to describe this useless and pathetic appeasement.

Yet the party’s refusal to bend on gun legislation highlights the difficulty of such efforts.

In order to save "conservatism" it was necessary to destroy everything it allegedly stood for. 

Let's give up our rights to get 30% of the la-teen-oh vote.

If the GOP compromises on guns to appeal to minorities, it might lose support among its core of white voters.
The GOP is not your friend. Hopefully it will die soon.

The country, however, is becoming less rural and more urban. Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the number of people living in cities, with big metropolitan areas experiencing double-digit growth.

Soon we'll have massive blocks of slums, just like Brazil and other "diversity" paradises. 

Support for gun control is correlated, too, with levels of education. 

It would be more accurate to say "levels of indoctrination." 

Of course, the NRA will continue to fight, and fight hard, against gun control. But the heart of the organization’s power is the voters it can turn out to vote, and they are likely to decline in number.

It's not like Whites are going to wake up and take back their nations. Right? Right???

Unless the organization begins to soften its no-compromises stance on gun safety legislation, it’s likely to become increasingly marginalized in a changing America.

Sell out to Big jew, everyone's doing it! It's the right thing to do.

 Trust me, I'm a jew.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Student Election Thrown Out When Too Many Whites Won

Democracy is the idea that a largely ignorant, anesthetized and apathetic population voting for two nearly identical kosher puppets will, somehow, allow for the creation of a functioning government. It will work even better when system leeches, invading welfare colonists and criminals are encouraged to participate in this process. The brown mass is placated with "gibs me dats," the scumbags and cuckolds get to keep their sinecure and graft and normal Whites get the screws put to them. This is how it's supposed to work. Then some outsider comes along, maybe a hotel owner, and suddenly the whole rotten system is endangered.

What to do when muh democracy is threatened by the possibility of actual meaningful choice? A middle school in California might have the solution: just throw out the results. You have to admit, it cuts through a lot of hypocrisy. Why waste time with vote fraud, negro violence and endless jewish narratives on the electronic synagogue when undesirable outcomes can be simply overruled? This is the future of our "representative" government, the healthy Soviet system that will carry the dead remains of our nation into a bright future.

A student government election at a San Francisco middle school had its results ignored after a principal decided the candidates elected were too white.

Welcome to the final days of the U.S.S.A., where there's no action too ridiculous and petty for the cultural marxist. Public school victims get another lesson in tyranny from a careerist scumbag. We need fewer Whites, we need Whites to die. That's more important than your votes. Go back in there and vote for Barkevious and one of the twenty moe-ham-heads on the ballot.

Elections were held at Everett Middle School Oct. 10, but on Oct. 14 principal Lena Van Haren sent an email to parents saying the results were being ignored, without being made public, because those elected did not reflect how diverse the school is.

Today it's rigged elections, tomorrow we're going to start learning about face crime, unpersons and the gulag. Communism is totally rad, kids! Also, we must "reflect the diversity," a new and meaningless phrase that seems to be popping up a lot lately. Hold that mirror up to the rotting corpse, angle it just right so you can see into the puss-dripping lesions. Reflect that amazing lack of Whites, through a glass darkly, the death of a nation.

Today's vocabulary word is "apparatchik."

While Everett is more than 80 percent non-white, Van Haren said the election results “weren’t representative” of that.

It's almost as if there are very real racial differences that play a role in responsibility toward your community. "I ain runnin' fo' no wack ass off-ice. I bee up on muh dask rappin'. Muh cawk, it bee lack a hawk..."

“That is concerning to me because as principal I want to make sure the voices are all heard, from all backgrounds,” Van Haren told local KTVU News.

Whites need to shut up and die, of course. 

Van Haren went on to say that she is considering a variety of fixes to the problem, including appointing several new positions in order to ensure more minorities are represented without kicking out those who actually won the election.

White people, we're a "problem." The 80% minority. Let's create positions for the negroes and la-teen-ohs. Our next vocabulary word is "sinecure." 

“We’re not nullifying the election, we’re not canceling the election, we’re not saying this didn’t count,” she continued.

Now that people are complaining we must rely on the two steps forward, one step back dialectic. 

According to KTVU, Van Haren wants this to be a “learning experience” for those involved. 

I'm sure it was. Lots of White kids started waking up.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lower Standards for Officers Sought in Pursuit of "Diversity"

We need a lot more "diversity," meaning fewer Whites, and we need it as soon as possible. This is the least controversial statement a careerist scumbag can make, the vile treason that offers short-term rewards for the criminal turds in charge and long-term societal annihilation. The only issue is that the "diversity" tends to fall well short of the "races" and wicked Legacy American standards, standards created for Whites. We can't expect a police officer in our unified and high trust "multi-cultural" society to have an I.Q. of 100, or even g*d forbid higher than that. The problem is the average negro is so moronic that the current 90 I.Q. requirement is still too rigorous. What to do?

The answer, of course, is to just keep lowering the bar until Crabgrass Americans can qualify. Answer some general knowledge questions and then sign your name, possibly in cursive? Das Races. Let's change it to having the hominid in question make some sort of mark on a line, or below it is fine too, and then leave the room without tipping over too many chairs. You know what, as long as all the chairs aren't knocked over that's good enough. Here's your gun and badge, Barkevious. Go get 'em.

Oakland City Councilwoman Desley Brooks wants the Oakland Police Department to lower written exam requirements in order to open the door to greater diversity among officers.

Nothing says "diversity" like identical looking and behaving negro detritus that can't pass a test designed for mouth-breathers. Even a dim bulb White looks like a genius compared to the typical "African American."

Brooks is specifically pushing for more black officers in the Oakland PD.   

The "diversity" con game laid bare. "We bee needin' mo' niggas up in hee-ah an' not dem creepy azz crakas."

"Diverse" police force gets that loot on.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Brooks chairs the Public Safety Committee and says she wants “a Police Department that’s reflective of the community they serve.”

Fewer Whites. Dead Whites. More brown sewage in everything. Obey. Conform. Watch Africa Ball and jewish pornography. Pay taxes. Die. 

Brooks points out that the city’s black population is 28 percent but only 20 percent of officers are black. She wants to see this change.

Eight percentage points really isn't a massive failure to "reflect the community," but on the other hand let's lower the already pathetic expectations because having more idiotic negroes is a mighty strength.

Brooks established the “Department of Race and Equality” and succeeded in securing “$617,000 in the city budget” that will be used “to hold other city departments accountable for racial disparities in their services.” 

Negress creates Stalinist office, sucks the tax dollars and makes "mo' niggas in dis bitch" official policy and yet there's still a few cranks out there that wonder if the U.S.S.A. is really working.

Sinecure negro wants more institutional discrimination against Whites.

And after learning that black candidates for the police department “fail the written exam more often than they fail the physical abilities test” Brooks asked “if the department could consider eliminating the exam and allow applicants to take a course in its place.”

Negroes can climb over objects but struggle with a "races" exam. Stereotypes, they exist for a reason. Let's just get rid of the exam, that should solve everything. 

State commission consultant Alex Blaylock responded to the push for lower written exam requirements by warning that the Oakland PD will risk hiring officers who cannot fill out an incident report or understand the very laws they are supposed to enforce if they lower standards further. 

Leave it to "races" Whitey to find a small problem in this brilliant plan to increase "diversity." Dajewjuan doesn't understand the laws and is illiterate, but look at that coal-colored skin. 

Blaylock said he “[doesn’t] think race should have anything to do with [PD] standards.”

I hope you've been saving your money, because with that kind of talk you probably won't be keeping that consulting position much longer.

"Tack an sarv, gnomesayin'?"

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tiny German Village Gets "Diversity" Overdose

Every last White must be hunted down, surrounded by worthless alien sewage and then destroyed. This, the final end game of the "diversity" con game, is no longer disguised in any way. The jew dream of the tan everyman, the talmud-promised slave with no race, culture, mind or soul, the human cattle to be ruled over by our satanic enemy, is now openly promoted. Tiny Germany must absorb an invading foreign army while pretending that it's impossible to predict the total disaster that will follow. White Genocide, the destruction of our race, in the name of doing the "right thing," in the name of kosher nihilism. Our enemies are pure evil. If you fight the jew you fight the devil.

A German mayor was perplexed Tuesday as to why his small town of approximately 100 people was livid over the arrival of 1,000 Syrian migrants.

The emaciated, shaking and nearly dead "multi-culturalism" addict jams a syringe full of black tar diversity right into the carotid. The death of the West, the final assault on White homelands, it sure is "perplexing." It's almost like there's some sort of agenda at work here, but no, can't be. I'm sure we'll turn 1,000 fighting age men with four different names between them into good little Germans. It sounds like some of these Germans aren't happy. Must be "racism" and "xenophobia" because we all know that this peaceful disaster is deeply "enriching."

"Please remember we exist, criminal government."

Locals from the rural town wanted to discuss the fallout from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s embrace of migrants fleeing Syria’s civil war and the Islamic State group.

Don't forget that they're all women and children and here for a better life and will get jobs and assimilate right away and all the other lies. "Fallout" is right, after the hydrogen bomb of "immigration" detonates. Ironically a real nuclear attack would cause far less lasting damage.

“I did not expect so many interested residents,” Mayor Christian Fabel said, Breitbart London reported Wednesday.

It's only a massive brown invasion that's going to destroy our way of life, I don't see why anyone would care.

Locals wanted to know how it was logistically possible to handle the needs of incoming migrants, including waste disposal and medical emergencies.

Our nation is being murdered by criminal sociopaths in power, so let's talk logistics. How will we be gelded? Will there be a formal system of turning over our women to the rape gangs? Will there be enough eunuchs to pass out the towels? Should we keep looking at the wall? Is this ball gag really necessary?

Resident Dirk Hammer said 1,000 was “too many.”

Yeah. No shit.

 Here's your share of the "women and children" fleeing "war." Enjoy.

“How do we protect ourselves against crime?” asked one resident.

Well, I'm sure you'll figure out something. Maybe pathetic appeasement and screaming "I'm not 'races!'" while they cut your throat.

The mayor said “street lights” would be on at night and new policemen would be hired, the German newspaper Der Spiegel reported Thursday.

Don't worry everyone, street lights should keep you safe now that you're outnumbered ten to one by an invading army of jihad that wants to saw off your head and rape your women.

Fabel did eventually acknowledge stresses would be put on the town, but maintained 200-300 migrants would have been “appropriate.” 

We were thinking we'd just shoot ourselves in the stomach and slowly bleed out, not put the moe-ham-head shotgun right in our mouth and start sucking it.

Roughly 450,000 migrants have arrived in Germany this year. Officials expect 800,000 to arrive by 2016.

R.I.P. Germany.

We're not "races!" Our nation is doomed, but at least a jew won't call me names.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This is Minnesota: Somali Rapes Child

We need a lot more of the worst available African negroes in White areas. If you don't like being displaced and destroyed that's "races." Instead, you have a lot of work ahead of you, goyim. When the living fossil fails it's your fault, after all. There wasn't enough appeasement, insufficient "gibs," failure to properly embrace self-annihilation. There is no bottom floor, no critical mass where the sacrifices will be declared sufficient, only a campaign of genocide and the endless dark night that will follow. If you're White and have even the slightest loyalty to this kosher apparatus you're either insane, profiting from it (for now), retarded or some combination of these. They want us dead and they're not even trying to conceal that desire any more.

In the latest incident of America’s immigrant sex crime epidemic, Minnesota authorities charged Somali man Ahmed Hersi Abdi with two degrees of first-degree sexual misconduct for allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl in her apartment. 

Enriching diversity arrives to bring joy and sunshine into the bland lives of stiff and uncool Whites. Minnesota must have this if it's going to survive, the jew wisely counsels. What's an epidemic of child rape when you get the dubious benefits of sharing your living space with genetic, religious and cultural aliens? To save our state it was necessary to destroy it.

We let it in.

Somali witness reportedly heard blood-curdling screams from the hallway and found the victim undressed and crying. Shocked, they sought out two off-duty cops working security nearby.
An African animal turned loose in a dead nation so that careerist bastards and satanic jews could fill their pockets. Our enemies are beneath contempt, the flies on a pile of monkey shit are more respectable.

The victim told police Abdi followed her into the elevator and up to the third floor hallway. The stranger asked for the victim’s name and shook her hand. When she tried to let go, she says he held on to her, demanded she turn around and pull down her pants, and raped her. 

If you think a Somalian is fully human you're delusional.

Police and local media rushed to reassure indigenous Minnesotans that child rape is in not indicative of immigration policy failure and that capturing an imported child rapist is proof of its success.

Then the predictable end game. Not representative, one bad apple, plenty of children were being sexually attacked before this immigration insanity began, nothing to see here, watch your negroes on the talmudvision, drink your booze. Hey, have you considered doing narcotics? How about some pornography? How about slaving away to make some scumbag even wealthier on the careerism hamster wheel? Did you know that Islam is a religion of peace and Africa was really nice until White "imperialism" ruined it? 

Please stop looking at that tiny body lying violated on the floor of some hallway, please stop asking questions. You won't? You're a "races."

“The Somalian community who came across this girl in crisis stepped up and helped her,” Minneapolis Police Dept. spokesperson John Elder said. “They trusted the officers enough to get them, to bring them into this situation to provide aid.”

Way to go, not showing depraved indifference in the face of a horrific crime is truly proof of your good character. Here, let me introduce you to my daughters. 

Somali community leader Mohamud Noor blamed Americans for not giving enough money to Abdi.

Living dog shit blames Whites for the sickening pathology of a failed branch of humanity. Why is this creature here? 

One Somali community member raping another community member is not the fault of the Somali community, he explained.

"Races" Whites are, of course, at fault. Hurry up and die, U.S.S.A.

“You know it’s somebody who is mentally ill, and he has been seeking help and services and we feel that there’s a huge gap in mental health services, a huge unmet need,” he complained to KARE11.

The only "mental illness" here was the 60 I.Q. combined with typical moose-limb behavior. The only solution is their removal.

Full Story.

The amazing diversity of Minnesota crime.

Minnesota Governor: Find Another State Whitey

There was a time when fleeing the rot of "diversity" was seen as a viable survival strategy for Whites, never mind the fact that the jewish propaganda follows you everywhere and this, combined with relative isolation from the coming collapse, gives rise to a comically naive view of the benefits of brown invaders. Then the suicidal generosity, the pathology of the American White, begins. Consider Minnesota, if you have the stomach for it. If Sweden became part of the U.S.S.A. somehow, this would be it. Weakened by success, poisoned by kosher lies and now happily striding toward the gallows, singing a happy tune about the lack of "racism" and how the coming displacement and genocide is thoroughly justified because a White person gave a Somali biological weapon an unkind glance, once.

Harsh words and heartfelt sentiment were exchanged by community members and local officials on racial issues in Central Minnesota at the St. Cloud NAACP Community Conversation with Gov. Mark Dayton.

Time for negro slime to loudly announce their hatred for Whites while a careerist shithead panders and grovels, hoping this pitiful display of appeasement and genetic treason will keep the money rolling in and his Big Man position for a little while longer. This is the national conversation about race: low level chimping and eager agreement from cowardly traitors.

 "Diverse" crowd of negroes, debased Whites and genocide profiteers.

Hosted on Tuesday at St. Cloud Public Library, about 100 people from diverse backgrounds gathered to ask questions of St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson, Rep. Jim Knoblach, Minnesota Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey, Council on Black Minnesotans Community Program Specialist Kolloh Nimley and St. Cloud AFYA Pharmacyco-owner Dr. Edris Kosar.

Lots of diverse backgrounds, including coal-colored aliens, Whites who would push their own mother into traffic for another day of unearned luxury and confused legacy Americans, bloated and impotent, wondering what the hell happened while they were watching the Africa Ball. Don't forget the professional victim group leaders and our good friend in big pharmacy (!!!) that was also there for reasons that I'm sure are logical and non-sinister.

"Look around you. This is Minnesota," Dayton said. "Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago. But, this is Minnesota and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here and this is Minnesota should find another state."

We successfully killed our state and are now working on eliminating every last remaining White. If you don't like it, go to another state. Oh, by the way, we'll be importing the worst available African animals into Idaho and Montana, so maybe you should just stay and die here. 

Scumbag governor betrays everything that matters to earn hate-filled stares from shit-colored monsters.

Dayton said he was aware of some of the racial issues happening in the St. Cloud area and urged participants to take a stand against what he described as "unacceptable, un-Minnesotan, illegal and immoral" behavior.

Not sure what's "illegal" about opposing your own demographic destruction, but if a professional anti-White said it, it must be true. I have no idea what he's even talking about. Minnesota is the gold standard for White capitulation, unless you count hurting Somali fists with our faces. 

"If you are that intolerant, if you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state. Find a state where the minority population is 1 percent or whatever."

Yeah. As if that's even possible, now that the agenda of chasing down every last White is being openly promoted by our criminal government. Meanwhile this deceitful turd huddles in his "one percent minority" gated community in a house purchased with graft, but he's still obviously your moral superior because he promotes White Genocide.

Anti-White madman goes full retard.

"It's not that in Minnesota. It's not going to be again. It's not going to be that in St. Cloud, or Rochester or Worthington," Dayton said. 

"We've successfully destroyed it, but I'm sure I'll somehow escape the consequences. Why are you brandishing knives, Somalis?" 

"A lot of the tensions that we have in the community are stirred up by people who aren't stakeholders. They're not from here. They don't care what happens here. And they are usually incorrect," Anderson said.

"Yup, reckon I'll put on muh sheet, make the fifteen hour drive to St. Cloud, yell a slur at some "diversity" because I'm White and irredeemably evil and then drive back home." 

But those comments did not stop several in the audience from questioning how the governor, Knoblach and Kleis are spending tax dollars on new immigrants, particularly those of East African descent.

Let's have a little less gutless prostration, and a lot more gibs me dat.

Must be "races" Whites causing this.

But he said the key reason many immigrants choose to come to Minnesota is because of the jobs Minnesota provides.

Jobs like "welfare recipient" and "criminal."

"Our economy cannot expand based on, white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don't have enough," Dayton said.

Instead of addressing the problem of low White birthrates and working to reverse it, let's put our head in the "diversity" noose and import the worst garbage a garbage continent can provide. Time for negro, F-, Somalia-born sewage to flood in and save us. 

Knoblach vowed to repeat last year's efforts in the Legislature to increase funding for the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, including money for the department's office in St. Cloud.

It sure is easy to spend other people's money.

"It takes both sides to make it work," Nimley said. "We need to take ownership of those concerns that we are raising. My question for you is, 'What are you doing in St. Cloud, Central Minnesota to become a more inclusive society?' "

Much more needs to be done and it's always Whites that need to do it. Are you being sufficiently worshipful toward 65 I.Q. African jihadans that see you as a target? Get your lips on the African buttocks, you awful "races." 

CAIR Minnesota Executive Director Jaylani Hussein, who had previously addressed the crowd on his concerns on racial tension said his organization is not affiliated with terrorist groups.

Everything's fine, go back to sleep. Hey, I heard there's negro ball on the Talmudvision this weekend.

"As far as being called terrorists, the reality is that we are not a terrorist organization," Hussein said. "We are a civil rights organization and we are proud to be called bad names when we are challenging people to do the right thing."

If there's a discernible difference between terrorism and "civil rights," I sure can't see it.

Muh civil rights.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

African America: Negro Ball Hero Attacks "Random" White with Machete

As the U.S.S.A. enters the late stages of kosher necrosis, as the dead tissue begins to disintegrate, we're going to start seeing the sort of crimes formerly restricted to the African all against all. Crimes like machete attacks featuring an Africa Ball animal that apparently didn't receive sufficient or correct worship from the pathetic legions of drunken White sports cucks. Does it bother you, White sports fan, that the genetic alien on "your" team, the great hero for "Red" in its long war with "Blue," would gladly hack you to pieces given the opportunity? I guess not, because you keep watching, staring numb into the synagogue in the living room, passively observing your own humiliation and displacement unfold in real time.

A 21-year-old who was an All-American in high school before leaving to play wide receiver at Texas A&M for the Aggies has been charged with murder for hacking a random jogger to death in Dallas. 

What a hero. Awards in high school, a chance to play for our mighty tar-complected "Aggies," running it in for the big "tug." This is proof that we are benefiting from "diversity." That whole horrific knife attack thing is just random and unimportant, don't worry about that, goyim.

 Worthless turd played with a ball, committed a "random" murder.

Thomas Johnson killed the jogger with a machete on Monday morning along the White Rock Creek Trail and then called 911 to report the stabbing, said Dallas police Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin.

Lethal machete attacks, not just for the Dark Continent anymore. If you're still uncertain about the need for concealed carry, I'm not sure what else can be said. We're living among dangerous and moronic animals that are one bad day away from going Full Africa. You need to be armed.

After Johnson, who last played for A&M in 2012 with Johnny Manziel at quarterback, was arrested, he told detectives he 'was angry about a situation and he just picked somebody to murder. 

The mind of the negro: "I bee an-gree bout dis sit-ation. Time to keel dat wite debil."

Scholar athlete used its "southern speed" to commit a horrific crime.

The jogger, who was not been identified at this time, was transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and he died of injuries 'consistent with a large-edged weapon', NBC Dallas reported. 

Suffice it to say, this unknown victim turns out to be White. Another one of those crazy coincidences, go back to your warm beer and gambling. Yell at the telavivision to make your negroes play better. Wait to become the next victim.

Deputy Sherwin said: 'It appears that Mr Johnson picked this victim at random. 

Random incident, wrong place at the wrong time, isolated incident, race not a factor, unlikely to ever happen again, good boy, life about to turn around, future negro ball star, Johnny Manziel, got an award in high school for running and crashing into other brown monsters, etc.

He picked someone (i.e. a White) to murder! 

'It's absolutely random. He just attacked him. He told our homicide detectives that he was angry about a situation and he just picked somebody to murder.
For the last time, this was "random." Come on, use your imagination. We all know negroes are doctors and lawyers and intelligent and highly desirable sexually, haven't you ever watched the talmudvision? 

'I believe there's more to that story. It's just very unusual. It's quite shocking.'

Yeah, another highly "unusual" negro crime to throw on the pile with all the others.

The witness said: 'As I get closer and closer I could tell it was a machete and there are repeated blows that are occurring.

"I was unarmed and therefore useless."

I love cheering for one group of negroes to beat another.

'It was apparent to me by the time I got close that there was nothing that could be done for the person.

Again, unarmed.

The A&M dropout was on probation after being charged with evading arrest, burglary and auto theft last year, but his probation was at risk because of marijuana use, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Good boy, turning that life around, gentle giant, marijuana is harmless because George Soros said so, probably struggled with "racism," future rapper, negro ball player or oceanographer. 

He mysteriously left the Aggies after making three catches for 22 yards in A&M's 29-24 win against No 1 Alabama in 2012, but was located back in his hometown of Dallas after a 48-hour search.

Wow, 22 yards. That's over fifty feet. What a hero.

Johnson ended up withdrawing from school following a productive freshman season where he caught 30 passes for 339 yards and a touchdown over the course of ten games, ESPN reported. 

Let us mourn over yards that will not be gained, "tugs" never to be scored. 

The wideout was an Under Armour All-American coming out of Dallas Skyline High School and was ranked as the No 3 receiver in the US when he signed with A&M after first committing to play for Texas.

It managed to ruin a guaranteed four years of snow hoes and White worship followed by possible Negro Felon League millions with its own sickening pathology. 

Police said the murder involving Johnson is not connected to the killing on an 18-year-old girl who was found dead in a minivan in a creek near the trail about a half hour after the jogger was found.

Don't worry, the 90 I.Q. officers should solve that one.