Friday, February 16, 2018

The Precious Six Million Pairs of Glasses

A school somewhere in the American sprawl was recently shot up by a White supremacist la-teen-oh. The endless fake news coverage has provided a clear, accurate and highly sane picture of what occurred and what must now happen in response. We must give up our guns, give up our rights and drug our children to ensure that this sort of thing never happens again. Speaking of "never again," are you aware of the holocaust? Probably not, it is a very minor historical footnote that is almost completely ignored, especially by the pure and innocent victims. This deep "ignorance" has resulted in a fresh shoah in Germany, the most evil of nations that must be destroyed make the transition into multiculturalism. It appears the Teutonic answer to LensCrafters has committed Sign Crime.

A Hamburg optics store received widespread criticism for its insensitive choice of name—Six Million Glasses—which evokes a Holocaust connotation of the six million Jews killed by the Nazis as well as the image of a huge pile of glasses, disposed of by Auschwitz victims as they went to their deaths.

The shocking insensitivity of a race so wicked and irredeemable it must be destroyed by endless moe-ham-head invasion from without and spiritual poison from within. Your name reminded the traveling merchant of the precious six million lost in 1919. And also the Soviet war propaganda from Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt, don't forget that.

The store announced that they will change the name to A Million Glasses.

The new name, guaranteed to not offend anyone, will be "1488 Aryan Spex."

A few months ago, a photo of the shop’s sign was uploaded to Facebook and caused an uproar on social media. The business was quick to declare that they were not racists and are opposed to anti-Semitism.  

I guess in a country where you can be imprisoned for Crime Think it's going to be difficult to tell the wailing chosenites to go to hell, but the legally required abasement still seems excessively weak and pathetic.

They claimed that the name was inspired by the TV series “The Six Million Dollar Man” and not by anything Holocaust related.

We can rebuild the European Man. We have the technology. Make him better than the rapidly dying groveling cuck he was before. Stronger. Nationalist. Proud. Not afraid of being called names.

Your glasses will be coming up the chimney in a moment, sir.

Omer Frenkel, 45, an Israeli conductor working in Germany, was one of the first people to raise the issue on Facebook. He expressed exasperation at the fact that it did not occur to anyone at the shop that the name can be considered hurtful.  

My spellcheck doesn't think "Holodomor" is a word, recommending "morphology" as a suitable replacement. A single whining alien jew can generate endless apologizing and cowardly appeasement. Powerless and persecuted for no good reason, the favorite of g*d, the Light of the World, the best people you'll ever meet, the jew.

“From my experience living in Germany, I can say that there is a lot of ignorance regarding the Holocaust. In Israel, via the education system, the words “six million” automatically connote the Holocaust… Education in Germany is lacking.”

Despite a holohoax memorial on every corner and endless humiliating "education," the rapidly vanishing German population doesn't know the correct phony number. We must educate the shkotzim before they're completely annihilated.

Frenkel added the lack of sensitivity in the name choice is itself troublesome, as the Germans repress the issue of the Holocaust to the margins and do not invest the necessary resources.

Honestly, you could walk several paces without seeing some reference to your shared guilt. 

The Israeli expat iterated his belief that if younger generations in Germany did not gain more awareness, history could repeat itself.

Please, foreign parasite, lecture me on what's best for my homeland, the one you're constantly working to undermine.

“We support social tolerance. Our staff is diverse and comprised of people from all ethnicities and orientations and in the past we have assisted refugees and even given away free pairs of glasses during the crisis. The Holocaust connotation never occurred to us until a woman pointed it out last year.”

I gave away hand-outs to rapefugees! I love the jew and the sodomite and all the dark inferiors! I disavow! I DISAVOW!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lectures on Free Speech

A Princeton University professor has cancelled a course he teaches on cultural freedoms and hate speech after his use of a racial slur during a class discussion led some students to walk out.

An evil racist not-see who somehow got a position at an Ivy League College shocked the fragile sensibilities of the debt victims with some ungood "urban" language. We need to crack down hard on offensive instructors at the communist indoctrination center and send a clear message that "hate speech" has no place on this campus. But hold up, Darnell. We've got a major plot twist. The horrible bigot who thought the word "nigger" was a useful instructional aid is a jew and the entire corrupt system is now defending the poisonous mushroom. I know, it's like an O. Henry story or something.

Colleagues say Professor Emeritus Lawrence Rosen has often used the slur during lectures on free speech. They say this is the first time he has received such a negative response from students.

The merchant had a long record of ranting in hebrew and talking about the schwoogies while White pound of flesh debt victims nodded solemnly in bovine agreement. But now, thanks to the spiritual and demographic disaster this enemy within helped unleash, the wise jew is taking some friendly fire over previously acceptable "Ah, you get the nigger, what are you doing? It's so humid in here," valuable lessons.

A small group of students walked out of Rosen’s anthropology class on 6 February after he used the slur three times, according to, the university’s student newspaper, which first reported Rosen’s comments.

The nation-wrecker is starting to lose control of the golem it carefully constructed.

Rosen asked the class: “Which is more provocative: a white man walks up to a black man and punches him in the nose, or a white man walks up to a black man and calls him [the racial slur]?”

What, that happens all the time with you unclean gentiles. Whites are constantly going "brown bear hunting" or simply walking up to the noble "African-American" and calling it names. I mean, it's all over the news. What do you mean you shkotzim never heard of this? It happens! The goy says "Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!" to the shvartzeh. Hey, come back here, cattle!

Rosen refused a demand from several students to apologise and argued with at least one student. Two students later filed a complaint with school officials. 

I don't see why someone who g*d chose as part of the special, best people should have to apologize to the ones that weren't chosen.

Trust me.

The university later issued a statement defending Rosen. The professor and the students did not respond on Tuesday to a request for comment.

I'm sure the same courtesy would have been extended to a White professor, assuming there are any. 

“The values of free speech and inclusivity are central to Princeton University’s mission and critical to the education we provide to our students,” the statement said.

Vile jews spewing forbidden words for no good reason are critical to our mission of creating the next generation of faceless brown slaves promised to us by our talmud.

“The conversations and disagreements that took place in the seminar led by Professor Rosen are part of the vigorous engagement and robust debate that are central to what we do.”

Please ignore this massive double standard and go back to taking out usurious loans to fund your indoctrination.
Speaking on Monday night at a meeting with students that had been scheduled before the controversy erupted, university president Christopher Eisgruber said he respected Rosen’s decision to use the word, citing the importance of having conversations where people feel uncomfortable.

Eisgruber? Must be German. Suddenly we're free speech absolutists when faced with the inevitable blow-back from decades of teaching the goyim that speech and thought is often criminal and must be controlled at all times.

The face of the racial enemy.

“I respect Professor Rosen’s decision about how to teach the subject in the way that he did by being explicit and using very difficult words.”

You're not supposed to notice the staggering hypocrisy, you unclean meat.

Carolyn Rouse, chairwoman of Princeton’s anthropology department, who is black, wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Princetonian defending Rosen’s use of the slur.

Wow, did you say this sinecure holder was a negro? That lends a lot of credibility to whatever position is being argued for at this particular moment.

“I feel bad for the students who left the class not trusting the process,” Rouse wrote. “Rosen was fighting battles for women, Native Americans and African-Americans before these students were born. He grew up a Jew in anti-Semitic America, and recognises how law has afforded him rights he would not otherwise have.”

Trust the process, gentiles! This scumbag shekel grabber was fighting for wagon burners, niggers, kosher feminism and all the rest before you were even born! Plus, it's a jew and you know they're beings of goodness and light who bring joy and unity wherever they're found.

Full Story.

Bankruptcy can't remove your student loan debt, so don't even think about it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Solid Rookie Year

The Liberia Ball is over, replaced on the talmudvision by the White Olympics, soon to be the Oriental Olympics if Europe keeps sucking on the "immigration" shotgun. The Negro Felon League is now firmly on the "arrest and imprisonment" schedule where the various amazing super orcs commit idiotic crimes and receive token punishments from the rapidly eroding rule of law. Today's story is representative of the Congo Rugby silly season, featuring a living fossil who took the knee to protest Whites and normal healthy America before the Monkey Ball games and now finds itself forced to its knees by law enforcement after "going ham" on its "hoe."

Forty-Niners linebacker Reuben Foster has been arrested for the second time in less than a month after an incident on Sunday in California.  

Before you get all judgmental, you "racist," I should mention this nightmare animal can run really fast and has an amazing talent for crashing into its fellow morlocks in the semitic coliseums of our dying nation.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Foster was taken into custody in Santa Clara County on allegations related to domestic violence. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Foster has also been accused of possessing an assault rifle.

Spend your shekels worshiping this poorly-formed and dangerous creature, goyim. Wear a jersey with its name on it, sit in front of the electronic synagogue cheering for it between stuffing poisons into your gaping maw. This violent and worthless inferior is your g*d, gentiles.

Homo erectus played Sudan Soccer for the slumbering masses.

The Mercury News has also reported that the domestic violence allegation came after Foster's girlfriend accused him of dragging her during an argument between the two.  

"I beee sick aw diss ar-goo-ment, beeech. Nao you gettin' drugg dawn dee floo." The silence from jewish feminism is deafening, as usual. It was a spiritual sickness for Whites and only Whites. "Me too" doesn't include the "baby momma" used as a crude mop by a gridiron groid.

The 49ers linebacker spent part of his Sunday in jail, before being released on a $75,000 bail, according to jail records. 

Former sports "hero," now just another pair of brown paws clutching green bars.

Prosecutors now have up to 30 days to decide whether or not to charge Foster. The charges could end up being misdemeanors or felonies, depending on how serious the prosecutor's office views the allegations. 

The "races" justice system springs into action. It's time for the comically light sentence. It makes sense, this evolutionary dead-end made another negro "hurry" once during the Eritrea Eggball, we can't punish it.

Negro criminal protests "injustice" with mulatto freak and some other genetic alien.

"The San Francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding Reuben Foster. We take matters of this nature seriously and are gathering all pertinent information," the team said in a statement.

We are very concerned that our tar mercenary behaved in a completely predictable fashion. We're all busted up over this, but because this dark creature is good at knocking other jungle specimens down we're just going to let this whole ugly incident blow over.

Foster has been making headlines, and not in the good way, for the past year. Back in March 2017, Foster was sent home early from the combine after getting into a heated discussion with a hospital worker while waiting to get tested. His urine sample also came back as a diluted sample which, according to the NFL's substance abuse policy, is considered a positive test.

This is definitely a role model for your White children, which you shouldn't be having, of course.

Despite his troubles, the 23-year-old had a solid rookie year with the 49ers. Although he played in only 10 games due to an ankle injury, Foster still managed to finish second on the team in tackles.

Wow. What a hero.

He also graded out as the fourth-best inside linebacker, according to Pro Football Focus.

This is the greatest negro since Maffin Luffa Kang.

During the time he was injured, Foster also had to deal with the police, but for a completely different reason. Back in October, the 49ers linebacker was held up outside a nightclub in San Francisco.

Sadly, it wasn't a "robbery gone wrong."

Full Story. 

 Fetish wear for the sports cuck.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Experienced this Subtle Racism

Your main responsibility as a person without color, other than not having children and dying, is to make sure your behavior never causes even the slightest agitation or distress to the faceless brown horde being brought in to replace you and everyone you care about. You must install a kommissar in your mind to constantly monitor for Wrong Think and prevent "hate," such as basic pattern recognition. This is a good first step, but it's not enough. In a poorly written and rambling article a la-teen-oh communist indoctrination center victim will now explain how your very existence is offensive to the racial inferiors and we need a lot more vigilance against ordinary behavior that damages the brittle self-esteem of failed branches of humanity who left their shithole countries to invade your ancestral homeland. All of this is a really good deal for Whites, that's for sure.

Racism – defined as a display of hatred and discomfort with those one considers inferior to them simply based on race – is commonly considered blatant.

Let's set the tone for the sloppy thinking and awkward "me speeeek no angleeeee" right out of the gate. For future reference the actual definition of "racism," to the extent it even has one and isn't just something to scream when you're losing an argument, is anything that represents the self-interests of Whites.

But what people often forget is that many times, racism is present in a look or a remark that can seem insignificant until you stop and think about it.

"It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself – anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: facecrime, it was called. "

Like when students or even professors assume brown people must be from a different country, as opposed to America.

They'll never be American in any meaningful fashion, they'll always be hostile and incompatible outsiders. This country was founded for Whites and only Whites. Any other claim is a jewish lie.

Small forms of racism permeate the daily lives of people of color – like mine as a Latinx – and can be found in actions that some might not have even considered before. 

My Newspeak is a little rusty, but I think this means this worthless animal is a wetback who is also a sodomite.

It’s essential for everybody in our community to condemn all types of racism, not just the bold moves that can make the University look bad.

Spend your life apologizing, groveling and pointing the finger, it's bliss. I disavow! I DISAVOW!!!!!

Racial microaggressions are everyday actions that are hurtful and based on prejudices. These include instances of racism that are more subtle, yet equally – if not even more – hurtful. It’s vital for bystanders to be able to spot when these instances happen and intervene, and for students and the University to have a strong no-discrimination-allowed policy.

For a moment I had a frown on my face while walking past filthy and loud may-hee-can invaders. Fortunately, bystanders were on hand to run over and correct this subtle and hurtful microaggression. This intervention was another victory for whatever we're supposed to believe, it's hard to keep up when the jew changes it almost every week.

If our campus is to be a welcoming space for everybody, then discrimination has no place here. 

What could be more welcoming than a Stalinist atmosphere where you must constantly control your thoughts and facial expressions while surrounded by hostile brown aliens?

Unfortunately, I experienced this subtle racism from my professor in my University Writing class this semester.

Wow. You're so strong, brave and noble to survive this horror and then have the courage to share it with others. You are truly an inspiration for us all as we win the victory over ourselves.

For my essay topic, I wanted to write about Tejano music. When consulting with me about my topic, he stated that the musicians from low socio-economic and unfinished education backgrounds that I wanted to write about were “just like your family.” I hadn’t mentioned my family, yet my professor believed it was correct to make that connection.

This is the shocking and ugly face of "hate." He noticed that Mexicans are Mexicans. This is a crime.

Maybe it was because the music we were talking about was Tejano music – popular music among Mexican-Americans in southern Texas – and he saw my name, Velazquez, and assumed I was Mexican-American.

We all know this assumption is going to be proven wrong, because it was based on ignorance and bigotry.

Although I am Mexican-American, 

Huh. How about that. Always the first, never the second.

Even if my professor didn’t say this maliciously, the assumption comes from racist preconceived notions that have a long history of hurting people.

If you're still wondering if you should attend "college" and rack up that kosher student loan debt in pursuit of a worthless scrap of paper, consider the advanced critical thinking and exceptional literary talent on display from this enemygrant.

Another example of this that I have seen all my life is the look of thinly hidden fear and disgust people have every time my dad introduces himself as a sales manager at a manufacturing company.

"Eeeeyyyy, I'm sales man-eeeeee-geeeer, I theeeeennnk." Yes, there is a visceral disgust in healthy Whites for greasy, sawed-off, lazy, unwashed foreign opportunists who have been brought in as a biological weapon by our semitic enemy. I'm not sure what can be done about that.

They automatically assume that my dad’s heavy accent means that he works here illegally – and most likely in construction or gardening.

Again, these "racist" thoughts are fully vindicated by reality, but it hurt the feelings of this burrito bandit so you have to stop.

This form of racism has become more and more common, in part because of President Donald Trump’s speeches where he denounces Latinxs as rapists and drug dealers, which can make people believe it is acceptable for them to exhibit such racist behavior now.

Whatever his failings might be, President Trump is still the best thing to happen to American Whites in decades. Also, someone is doing the raping and it's not your gringo classmates who you clearly dislike being around. Maybe we'd all be happier living with our own kind, perhaps in our own nations? You know, like every single non-White country on Earth? Right, "racism." Sorry. White countries are for everyone.

Racial tensions have increased since his election, not just those directed at a person, but through subtle instances, such as the raising of the confederate flag or the occasional lighthearted chants of “Build That Wall!” that my friends and I have heard in Thurston Hall before.

LOL. You gotta go, Pablo.

But I’m not the only person of color at GW who’s had professors and classmates make generalized comments that caused pain or discomfort without malicious intentions. One common example is being asked, “But where are you really from?”

This whole "invade and loot the weak and cowardly White nation" plan was going great, but then my cover was blown by an innocent question about my obviously alien origins. The pain and discomfort and such small portions of it, oy gevalt.

Professors are not the only ones who are guilty of microaggressions. There have been students in classes dismissing the experiences of students of color.

All dissenting opinions must be silenced so we can have free academic inquiry.

Many student organizations are also predominantly white. 

We need fewer Whites in everything.

Having good intentions does not stop words or actions from being negatively impactful.

Bad news for delusional equalists and "They're natural conservatives!" cucks.

Despite the recent racial tensions on campus, GW Today’s Feb. 5 email relegated a story on Black Heritage Month to the very bottom, putting less important stories, such as transcript availability and research, first.

The negro is very important.

ore and more minority groups feel cast out and uncomfortable on campus, especially in light of recent events. If while reading this, you think you have never seen something like this happen at GW, pay attention. Pay attention to others’ actions and to your own thoughts. Think about why you believe these acts of racism only happen in the past, and take action next time they occur in the present.

Develop the "American Look." Turn each other in. Trust no one. This is a mighty, mighty strength.

Alejandra Velazquez, a freshman majoring in political science, is a Hatchet opinions writer.

See, they're not all rapists, drug mules and drunk drivers. At least a few will be "diversity" promoted into positions of political authority where they can fully express their hatred of healthy White America.

Full Story.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Judas the Dreamer

We must provide a "path to citizenship" for the criminals who invaded our dying land. To fail to do so is to violate our nebulous standard of morality that can ultimately be distilled to "whatever the jew says." After all, we've got a people race to win and there's no greater threat, again according to g*d's special chosen (i.e. not you or anyone you love) than Nationalism. Except for Israel, of course. For you, shkotzim, your ancestral homelands must become ground zero for an insane kosher experiment in population replacement. Bring in the la-teen-oh filth, they're only one miracle away from becoming good little consumers in an ugly globalist bazaar.

An investigation by a Houston television reporter revealed that the man accused of murdering a store owner is allegedly an illegal alien who is currently under President Barack Obama’s DACA amnesty program. The “Dreamer” is currently on the run after allegedly killing the store owner and shooting another man.

The dream becomes a nightmare. A flood of 80 I.Q. la-teen-oh filth is somehow failing to fix all the problems created by our jewish enemy. Let this turd with legs stay, this display of weakness is sure to reform its moronic criminal tendencies. It should learn to use soap and the flush toilet soon and I'd be very surprised if a store owner ends up dead in the bargain. We're helping children and babies, after all. It was all a lie. They want us dead.

We need a lot more of this, a lot more.

An investigation by ABC13’s Jessica Willey reports that accused killer Judas Deluna, 21, is an illegal alien who is currently under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program.

I can hardly believe it. We were assured by the talmudvision that these foreign opportunists were all going to school to become doctors or proudly serving in the American Golem in our endless foreign wars for the merchant's benefit. They're more educated than you, more patriotic. They do the jobs you won't, just like the negro slaves. Finally, we arrive at the ugly truth. An alien scumbag flees from a "gunfight gone wrong," its stubby little legs carrying its bloated body away in the Speedy Gonzales act. ¡Arriba, Arriba! We were afraid of being called names.

The program allows undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents to receive temporary protected status from deportation. The federal government is supposed to conduct a criminal background investigation prior to adjusting the immigrant’s DACA status.

Apathy and tolerance, the final virtues of a dying civilization. We won't enforce our laws, it's not like you were following them anyway. We were supposed to check that criminal record, but somehow we forgot. Oh well, its not like this significantly adds to the enormity of the crime of allowing an invading army to occupy our lands while we stared into the telavivision in an impotent stupor.

Deluna may have obtained the DACA protection despite a prior history of felony arrests and convictions.

The purpose of this dictatorial decree from the magic mulatto was to destroy White America and not to save a generation of surgeons, oceanographers and burrito makers.

The replacement for the children you didn't have.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas from Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel’s office show that Deluna received a felony conviction for a terroristic threat made in 2015. The judge of the 176th Criminal District Court sentenced the man to 60 days in county jail. He had also been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. That charge was dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

They are natural conservatives, full of family values and a desire for a free market. Did I mention what a huge success NAFTA was? Think of all the money being "pumped" into muh GDP. Betray your homeland to Judas the greaser for thirty silver shekels. Vote Republican.

Earlier that year, prosecutors charged Deluna with a felony charge of evading arrest with a motor vehicle. The same judge placed the man on four years of probation and deferred adjudication. Following the new murder charge, prosecutors filed a motion to adjudicate this charge.

What in the blue hell does this worthless foreign fuck have to do to get imprisoned and/or deported???

It is believed that Deluna got into a fight with another man. He fled to his vehicle where he reportedly pulled a gun and shot the man he was fighting with. When store owner’s son, Rahman Rupani, responded to the shooting, Deluna allegedly shot him as well. Rupani died from his wounds.

The exciting encounters in "diversity" provided by national necrosis. May-hee-can sewage bring their mud world pathology to the land of the fee and the home of the slave. An "Asian," as the British might say, gets blasted by the invader. Our mighty strength.

Willey also learned that Deluna’s illegal alien father, Manuel Deluna, is also a violent felon who is currently facing deportation proceedings.

I thought they were all going to college or enlisting. No, really, I honestly believed that ridiculous semitic shuck.

Crime appears to be the family business. Judas Deluna’s older brother, Eric Deluna, also has a violent criminal history that includes convictions in state court in 2005 of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and a 2011 case of Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon, according to Harris County court records obtained by Breitbart Texas.

Still waiting for that wall.

Full Story.

Pound sign shot Apu in parking lot.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Paying the Toll

An Ohio man has been charged with reckless homicide for a hit-and-run crash that killed an Illinois Tollway worker last year on the Tri-State Tollway near south suburban Alsip.

Those crazy "men" and their bad driving, to say nothing of how they won't ask for directions and, apparently, won't stop to check on the victims they run down like dogs. Maybe a visual aid would be helpful in clarifying this rather vague description.

I know, I was surprised, too.

Christian Andrew Davon Hannah was arrested Thursday for the crash that killed Tollway maintenance worker David Schwarz on Sept. 18, 2017, according to a statement from Illinois State Police. He was charged with a felony count of reckless homicide.
Take a long look at the above photo. Note the dull, soulless eyes, the giant lips, the simian nose, the receding forehead and brow ridge. This creature is not human. What we are looking at is a failed attempt at modern man that continues to exist among us and prey upon us thanks to our boundless generosity, capacity for delusion and refusal to defend against even the most obvious threats. This worthless animal does not belong in a White nation. 

Schwarz’s truck was parked on the shoulder with its emergency lights activated and a caution board sign was set up warning motorists to slow down at the time of the crash, state police said. Hannah, the driver and sole occupant of the semi, drove away after the crash.

A primitive brain ignored ample warning signs while shit-colored paws failed to control the wheel. I guess this is why there are no negroes in NASCAR. Well, that and all the "racism," of course.

Witness statements and DNA evidence ultimately led to Hannah’s arrest, state police said.

Sounds like prejudice and lies (just like in jew-authored fiction!) conspiring against a good boy who clearly didn't do [anything]. We already know DNA is a "racist" fiction, what with all the uncomfortable and irrefutable conclusions it forces on us.

Schwarz served as an equipment operator laborer since beginning his career at the tollway in March 1992, according to a statement from the tollway. He was married and a father of two children.

Work hard in a job you hate, try to raise a family in an atmosphere of kosher spiritual poison, die at the hands of a dark inferior. White privilege.

Hannah, 26, appeared at the Cook County Courthouse in southwest suburban Bridgeview Thursday, where Judge Michael Joseph Kane set his bail at $175,000, according to Cook County court records. His next court date was scheduled for Feb. 22.

Now for the "racist" justice system to fail to punish this turd.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

More Holohoax Education Needed in Kentucky

What are the critical skills that young people will need to compete in an increasingly complex, technological and global marketplace? Obviously, they need to be taught a good amount of self-loathing and a willingness to step aside meekly and be replaced by invading columns of vile monsters straight from a nightmare. Gaining these essential self-negation talents won't be easy, so we need special laws to promote indoctrination with Soviet war propaganda. You're bad and you need to be enslaved and destroyed, this is the key to a happy tomorrow.

Kentucky students would be required to learn about the Holocaust and other acts of genocide under a bill making its way through the state Capitol.

Johnny can't think critically, Barkevious won't come down from on top of a desk where it's "rapping" about its penis, Juan speaks no English and can't use a toilet correctly. All of this demands more communist fantasy stories from the disastrous jewish century. Public school is child abuse.

Rep. Mark Hart, a Republican from Falmouth and one of the bill’s sponsors, said the measure will help Kentuckians learn from mistakes made in history “so we as a society and as a human race don’t repeat what has happened in the past.”

Don't worry Mark, the way idiocy and demographic suicide are being aggressively promoted by the semitic enemy we'll be lucky if we're able to repeat indoor plumbing and electric lights in another decade, let alone the industrialized slaughter of g*d's chosen people (You weren't chosen, you piece of unclean meat) in homicidal gas chambers, fire pits, electric belts, pedal-operated skull crushing machines and all the rest.

“If we don’t teach it, it could be repeated,” he said.

Something that never happened must not happen again!

The bill was considered by the state House Education Committee on Tuesday as an outspoken Holocaust denier is drawing national headlines as he nears nomination to become the Republican nominee for a Chicago-area congressional district.

The first good news out of Chiraq in...well, it's the first I've ever heard, actually.

The legislation was pushed by a group of students from Louisville catholic school St. Francis of Assisi, led by Fred Gross, a Holocaust survivor and teacher.

It was demanded by the students! Okay, it was actually just the enemy within forcing the class to go along with the hebrew wailing under the usual duress. Muh cuck-o-lick education, where hell-bound jew liars are trusted to instruct your children.

“I’ve spoken to school children for the past 25 years, invited by teachers who took it upon themselves to teach the Holocaust to imbue in their students the need to stand up against hate and prejudice and bigotry,” Gross said.

I was gassed seven times, my six mothers were made into a sofa, the horrible sufferink, let me "imbue" your gentile children with guilt over a crime that never happened, I hate the shkotzim and want you dead...

Oy vey, French nawrtzees!

An estimated 6 million Jewish people died during the Holocaust led by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

The fish I almost caught was an estimated twelve feet in length.

Rep. Reginald Meeks, a Democrat from Louisville, said the bill should be expanded to teach students about the genocide of Native Americans at the hands of white settlers.

How about the Armenian massacre and the Holodomor, while we're at it? What do you mean, "no?" It's almost like the only point of "muh dead wagon burners" is to attack healthy Whites under the guise of education.

“We live in a state that every day we walk on the grounds, we’re walking on lands that were native lands — lands that hold the souls of our ancestors,” said Meeks, who has Native American ancestors. “Every time a building is built or a road is made, we are touching our own history.”

A handful of injun terrorists used to live here, before their campaign of savage violence against White settlers ended in failure. This is important history.

Rep. Attica Scott, a Democrat from Louisville, compared the deportation of Jews during the Holocaust to deportation of illegal immigrants in the modern-day United States.

Remember when we deported the jew? You don't? You need a lot more holohoax indoctrination, a lot more.

The Kentucky Historical Society has several interviews with Kentuckians who survived the Holocaust.

The Kentucky holocaust. That's what happened when the USA joined the Axis, deported the traveling merchant, set up a Soviet submarine engine to gas the Light of the World at a Paducah concentration camp and so forth.

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Muh Democracy: Representative Attica Scott.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Voodoo Stuff

All cultures are equally good, no matter how barbaric and destructive. All religions are equally valid, teaching incredible spiritual truths like "don't be a jerk." All people are equal, that low sloping forehead has no effect on frontal lobe capacity. It's hard to believe anyone ever fell for this jewish nonsense, let alone allowed this intellectual mush to become the dominant belief system in rapidly dying lands. Today we see the end game of this kosher shuck as the worst possible behaviors are declared perfectly healthy and negro savagery once confined to the Heart of Darkness finds a place in Massachusetts.

Latarsha Sanders, 43, told police she attacked her 8-year-old son, Edson "Marlon" Brito, with a kitchen knife as part of a ritual but failed, so she attacked her 5-year-old son, Lason Brito, assistant Plymouth District Attorney Jessica Kenny told a judge during Sanders' arraignment on murder charges.

Appallingly backwards, superstitious, moronic and violent demon worship gone wrong. Kill another one of your dark spawn, maybe the devil is asleep or something. We need a lot more of this in the Whitest remaining areas.

She told police it had to do with "Voodoo stuff," according to a police report of their interview with her.

Dat durr hoo-doo stuff, mudda fudda. We hold these truths to be self-evident...

The older boy was stabbed 50 times, and she admitted to the killings, Kenny said.

Whatever these things are, they're definitely not human.

Living fossil killed its young.

"She said she had stabbed him because she had 'failed' in the ritual with Marlon," Kenny said, according to The Boston Herald . "She responded to police that she felt bad about what she had done."
The amazing moral reasoning of a failed branch of humanity. Eye feel badd an sheeeet. We let them vote. We give them special rights. We prop them up with endless semitic lies. It has to stop.

Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz told reporters that Sanders' interview with police was "disjointed" but said investigators are not aware of Sanders having a history of mental illness.

No, this is just an ordinary 65 I.Q. negro mind that believes in bloodshed to appease evil spirits and is totally unable to connect current actions to future outcomes. 

The killings come a week after two sisters in the neighboring community of East Bridgewater were charged with tying down, burning and permanently disfiguring a 5-year-old girl, and threatening to cut off the head of her 8-year-old brother, in a Voodoo ritual. 

"Diversity" sure is exciting. Not one, but two satanic Dark Continent attacks in just a few days. How did we ever make our country work without this enriching mighty strength?

Voodoo refers to religious practices developed centuries ago by enslaved Africans in the Caribbean, primarily in Haiti, where the practices are sometimes spelled "vodou."

Yeah. Thanks Encyclopedia Dipshit, that's really interesting and educational.

 We need a lot more of this in Montana.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Driving While May-Hee-Can

The big Liberia Ball cuckold night is over, enjoying cratering ratings as the number of debased Whites willing to watch the sickening jew-produced spectacle continues to decline. For "Green" it was time to celebrate with rioting, fires, car-tipping and insane trust falls. For every other urban area it was time to return to the slow and steady rot devouring everything of value. The season is over, whatever value the running and crashing monsters ever had is gone, it's now time to join the diversity salad dish as a boozed up illegal plows into a Negro Felon League super orc.

Police say a suspected drunk driver struck and killed two people, including a Colts player, standing along I-70 on the west side of Indianapolis Sunday morning.

Just another scene from a rapidly dying country. Say, did you hear the jumping negroes are on the talmudvision? Ready for some "March Madness," shkotzim?

One of victims has been identified as Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson, 26, of Atlanta. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

His smile will never brighten another room, never again will we look at that boy run. This is the cruelest tragedy.

Police believe the victims were standing outside of a passenger car stopped on the side of the interstate when 37-year-old Alex Cabrera Gonsales drove a black Ford F-150 onto the emergency shoulder and struck the rear of the car, as well as the victims.

Time for the "dreamer" to take the wheel. A vehicular Speedy Gonzales act leaves ruined vehicles and mangled nigga bodies (Ah!). They're drinking the alcohol Whites won't, driving while completely in the bag to save your pension, natural conservatives, family values, our Great Ally Israel...

According to police, Gonzales fled the scene on foot, but the trooper who discovered the crash apprehended him shortly after on the ramp to Holt Rd.
Don't worry, all humans are the same and our magical constitution will turn the worthless invaders into responsible citizens who inhale tequila, drive, kill their fellow genetic inferiors and then make a run for the border but are fortunately captured because a bloated sawed-off meat sack of demographic destruction isn't well suited for electricity on wheels open field speed, unlike the morlock it killed.

Police believe Gonsales was intoxicated and was driving without a license. He was transported to the Marion County Jail. Toxicology results are pending.

You know what? I think you might be right!

Jackson was placed on IR this year before the season started, but played in every game during the 2016 season. He had 8 starts and recorded 66 tackles.

Wow. What a hero.

The Colts released the following statement regarding Jackson’s death:
Get ready for harsh words condemning our open border and the foreign scumbags flooding into our nation! Just kidding, it's the usual saccharine drivel.

We were heartbroken to hear the news of Edwin Jackson’s passing. Edwin was loved by all in the Colts organization. We admired his outgoing personality, competitive spirit and hard-working mentality. He was well-respected among all with whom he crossed paths, and he will be greatly missed in our locker room and throughout our entire organization."

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of [may-hee-can drunk driving]. This is a horrible tragedy. If we learn any lessons from this we dishonor their memory. We must continue as if nothing happened. [A boozed up illegal alien plowing into you] is a part of life in the city and something we have to get used to. My biggest fear is a backlash from "racists" against the many innocent [Mexicans]. I trust you all have your candles lit. Let's have a song. "Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle."

Monday, February 5, 2018

Infiltrator’s Law

Today we're going to stare right into the horrific abyss of "racism," defined as wanting to be with your own kind and not wildly incompatible religious, cultural, and genetic outsiders. What you are about to hear is so shocking, intolerant and downright vile your may find yourself literally shaking or struggling to "even." An entire country has gone mad with not-see banal evil and is preparing to deport an entire group of honest, hardworking immigrants merely because of the color of their skin. Did I mention this country's name? Well, it's Israel.

The approximately 40,000 African invaders illegally resident in Israel—and due to be deported from the Jewish ethnostate within the next few months—are not refugees but illegal immigrant job seekers and their deportation is in line with international law, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced.

No human being is illegal. No country should have borders. Let everyone in. "Ethnostate?" Sounds like Hitlerism to these good American ears that believe everything that comes out of the talmudvision. Then I discovered g*d's special chosen, as opposed to you and your loved ones, the people g*d doesn't want, were behind this. It's almost as if "diversity" and "your country must be flooded with enemygrants in order to survive" are just genocidal jewish attacks directed at Whites and only Whites.

“We are not taking action against refugees,” said Netanyahu. “We are taking action against illegal immigrants who come here for work purposes. Israel will continue to be a shelter for true refugees and will eject illegal infiltrators.”

You have to wonder how deluded useful White idiots can advocate for endless foreign invasion and then give their approval to kosher deportations without having their heads explode from the cognitive dissonance. But don't worry, these aren't real rapefugees. They're just here to do the jobs the jew won't, but I guess the jew is now, incredibly, willing to do that those jobs if it means the dark inferiors are removed. Imagine that.

The Israeli parliament has already approved an amendment to Israel’s appropriately named “Infiltrator’s Law” which ordered the closure of the Holot concentration camp in southern Israel—an isolated camp where large numbers of the African invaders had been corralled.

"Infiltrator's law" and "invaders." There's no shortage of real talk as long as it's the people who are more equal. In Europe you could go to prison for saying these things and we're still being told they'll save those pensions and do those yucky jobs our delicate sensibilities as Eloi forbid us from doing, now that the "women and children" lie has completely imploded. 

 You have to go back, schwoogie.

The forced deportations of the Africans—mostly Eritreans and Sudanese—is due to start in March.

For some reason the "human rights" cultural marxists aren't interested in making a big deal out of this.

“The arrangements I describe here are approved by the justice system and are continuously supervised by officials from Israel and the third country. I have approved additional funds to accelerate the examination of requests for asylum in Israel. This policy is perfectly in line with the Supreme Court’s orders and with international law, and therefore the claims voiced against us are baseless.”

Please remember this quote when we're shit-canning the la-teen-oh garbage and loading the negro on boats bound for Liberia.

Israel’s Population Immigration and Borders Authority (PIBA) has already started filling approximately 100 new positions to start carrying out the deportations in March, with some salaries as high as NIS 30,000 ($8,800) per month for a two-year contract.

Here's another way you can help the economy and employ more Americans, President Trump.

PIBA estimated that the deportation will cost an estimated NIS 300 million ($86 million), including an “exit grant” of $3,500 to each African who leaves and, in the cases of those destined for Rwanda, a reported payout of $5,000 per head to the Rwandan government.
As usual the traveling merchant gets excellent value for every shekel. If we paid a million dollars to permanently remove each negro it would still be the bargain of a lifetime. 

Rwanda and Uganda have already accepted about 4,000 Africans who signed a document saying they had “willingly left” Israel.

Offer an African a handful of glass beads and some battery acid moonshine and it will agree to almost anything.

The Rwandan government has in the interim attempted to clarify its position with regard to accepting the deportees by announcing that it would accept any African from anywhere who came “voluntarily” to that country.

The government then promptly collapsed for the third time this year.

“Rwanda is ready to help in whatever limited way it could, by welcoming anyone arriving at its borders in need of a home, voluntarily and without any constraint.

Wow, how progressive. Look for Rwanda to become the world's best country now that they're prepared to win the critical "people race." Expect lots of cancer cures and flying pyramids from the Heart of Darkness powered by the mighty strength of meekly accepting columns of dark animals limping back from their failed attempt to infiltrate a hate country.

“In this regard, Rwanda’s policy vis-à-vis Africans in need of a home, temporary or permanent, within our country’s means, remains ‘open doors.’”

The door to nowhere.